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Five SEO Tips You Need To Know To Achieve Higher Website Rankings

Below are five easy-to-accomplish tips to make your website more successful.
1. Be Patient And Consistent
Optimizing your website requires patience. Do not expect instant gratification in SEO. It can take weeks or months to realize measurable benefits. This is especially true if your site is new. Be patient; positive results will come with consistent and quality work. SEO is an ongoing commitment and you should do optimization activities daily. Make it part of your daily routine and you will be rewarded.
2. Minimize Using Frames And Flash
Minimize the use of Frames and Flash when designing your webpage. These techniques make it difficult for search engines to navigate your site. The absence of hyperlinks leading to other pages of your site when using Frames make it difficult for search engines to properly crawl and index your content. If you use Flash, limit it to areas of lesser importance. If you have text in your animation, search engines will not recognize it. These techniques have become very trendy as they are eye-catching and make your site attractive. However, they have significant drawbacks if you are trying to increase your rankings. They are best used sparingly.
3. Provide Links To Sites That Add Value To Your Content
Augment the information you are giving your readers by providing links to other articles related to your content. You want to give as much information as possible to answer your readers' questions. Linking to an awesome site which builds on your content adds value to your article. Most importantly, Google will assume your visitors found what they needed because they did not return to the search engine results page.
4. Allow Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is an excellent way to create links and raise your search engine rankings. Bookmarking enables users to save and share your documents, thus increasing your visitors. Free widgets are available for you to accomplish this. Remember, your goal is to increase visitors.
5. Select Relevant Keywords And Continually Analyze Results
Select specific and relevant keywords and keyword phrases and

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